Nail Polish Corrector

In order to prevent making more mistakes when using a corrective pen, Ms. Drummy’s pens have tight, neat tips, so users can be more precise when removing excess polish from the skin around the nails.

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Fetch -N- Score

This new innovative pet product allows owners to play a game while dogs receive much needed exercise in small to medium size spaces. The doggy laps will add up as the dog fetches the dog toy piece from the board as the owner throws the dog toy and collects points where it sticks on the Velcro target board.

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Tire Toggle

This product is a device that connects the hose from the air pump to the tire valve securely. It also has a digital screen that lights up and beeps to signal when there is enough air in the tire.

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This innovative prtoduct is a thin and flexible “heating” unit that can be placed, with adhesive or within pre-designed pockets, to provide warmth to areas of the body, which are especially vulnerable to being cold. It is designed specifically to provide heat for the body’s core

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The Pocket Lift

A pocket-sized device that will be handy for so many different uses. It can be used to hoist loads weighing up to forty-five pounds whenever and wherever, and with minimal effort.

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Whether you are an athlete or a senior seeking additional support out of your shoe, the Swallowankle brace delivers the protection you need.

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