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About the USPTO Website

The USPTO debuted a redesigned website February 2015. The redesign includes new navigation making it easier to access services and accomplish tasks; for example, the Quick Links menu will connect you to the most heavily used tools for searching, filing, paying, or checking on the status of an application.

This redesign is the first phase of our work to upgrade users’ USPTO online experience. Future phases will improve our “transactional sites”—the online tools and systems where you conduct business with the USPTO, such as filing your federal trademark application or paying the fees for your patent.

We will continue to make adjustments and improvements to the website post-launch, and will describe these improvements in our Release Notes. We welcome feedback from users as we continue to improve the site post-launch—there are several ways to send us feedback or report an issue using the website.

How-To Videos

Using Quick Links

Quick Links are the fastest way for experienced users to access our most heavily used online tools.

Sharing Website Feedback, Reporting a Website Issue, or Asking for Help with the Website

There are several mechanisms to ask for assistance or share feedback, found throughout the site.

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